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Pincer Accessory

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Quick Description

A pincer movement leads to the enemy being attacked in front, on both flanks, and in the rear. Such battles often end in surrender or destruction of the enemy.

This is the perfect name for this amazing two-part accessory. The Pincer includes an emitter and a pommel piece both with an amazing claw like appendage that will allow you to attack from the front, side and rear. This is one of the most unique accessories in the Kyberlight collection. A must-have and unlike anything in the saber universe.



The Pincer custom accessory is a great addition to your Kyberlight custom lightsaber. This is a must for any Kyberlight collection. Take your Kyberlight saber experience to the next level with the Pincer accessory.


  • To change top piece, remove set screw and slide off.
  • To change sleeve, remove set screw at the bottom and the covertec wheel and then slide upward.
  • To remove the pommel piece, twist counter clockwise and remove.
  • To select colors, simply press the color select button (middle button on hilt).


Every Kyberlight saber blade and tips come with a lifetime warranty. If for any reason you break the Kyberlight blade we will replace it plus shipping. The Kyberlight hilt and electronics comes with a 1-year warranty. If your Kyberlight hilt or electronics are damaged or broken within 1-year after purchase due to normal use including combat, we will replace or repair it for free. We do not cover water damage or intentional abuse. Attempting to repair the Kyberlight yourself will void the warranty. Please click here to request a return.