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Kyberlight Custom Lightsaber

Q How do I customize my Kyberlight saber?
Q Will Kyberlight offer new custom accessories and options (ie replica sabers, special requests, etc.)?
Q What is the Kyberlight Warranty?
Q How do the custom accessories attach to the Kyberlight custom lightsaber?
Q What are the technical specs for each Kyberlight custom lightsaber?
Q What are the 20 built-in colors that come standard on every Kyberlight saber?
Q Kyberlight Disclaimer
Q Does the Kyberlight Saber remember which color you were last on?
Q Is Kyberlight MHS/ASP/ZCS/OTS?
Q What are the dimension of the Kyberlight Saber?
Q How can I mute the sound on the Kyberlight custom lightsaber?
Q How do I switch out the Kyberlight v1 circuit board with the new v2 circuit board?
Q Duties and Taxes
Q What is your refund policy?
Q What if my shipment is stolen off my porch or does not make it to me?